In your career, you have about 80,000 hours worth of work. If you're  interested in dedicating that time to sustainability, then this page might be helpful for you. 

The below groups are focused on connecting green jobs employers and candidates in a variety of industries. It would be impossible to verify the ongoing accuracy of all these job boards, however they are good places to start looking if you're trying to supplement your individual search in applying directly with companies in which you are interested. 

Make sure to search your LinkedIn network to see if any of your connections have jobs with companies you'd like to work at. Also, make sure to search relevant industries and see if any of your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd connections have any links to posted jobs. 

And finally, make sure your resume is up on the big sites with saved filters based on your experience and preferences to cast as wide a net as possible and let employers know you're available. You may not end up finding your next job from one of these sites, but it doesn't hurt to have another couple sets of eyes looking for you. 

Green Jobs Network

Join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups and join their mailing list to hear about open positions nationwide in sustainability fields. You can also use their online search engine - to look for specific opportunities and apply filters based on your individual preferences. 

This group is intended to be a resource for those who work in jobs pertaining to social or environmental responsibility (e.g. climate change, cleantech, CSR, green business, renewable energy, sustainability) and for those who are seeking employment or information on careers in these areas.



Green Recruiting Agencies

The Transitioning to Green Foundation, a  501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to helping people find their place in the new world of the Green Economy.  We help people progress from where they are today to where they wish to go in their career development and in their lives.

Idealist Careers

Idealist connects millions of idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration all over the world.

Use their job search function to help you find relevant opportunities in your area. 



Green Collar Blog

Green Jobs Network has published a three-part article series on Finding Green Jobs.  The goal of this series is to provide basic information to help answer a fundamental question -- how can a job seeker locate green jobs?  The three parts of this article are: Job Boards, The Hidden Green Job Market, & Future Green Jobs. 

Make sure to check out the Green Recruiters and Job Boards sections. 

Department of Energy

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has a job board as well as A Guide to Green Careers available on their website. 

Clean energy jobs can be found in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and can range from entry-level to professional positions in a wide range of fields. This section can help you familiarize yourself with different types of green energy jobs as you begin your search for a job that meets your interests and skills.

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Renewable Energy World was started in 1999 by a group of Renewable Energy professionals who wanted their work to relate to their passion for renewable energy. With this passion and the desire to create a long term sustainable business, we have created perhaps the single most recognized and trusted source for Renewable Energy News and Information on the Internet.

EnvironmentalScience.Org's mission is to be the most reliable and expansive advocate for environmental science education and careers.



US Green Building Council

We’re committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.

While the USGBC is also an employer that needs to fill positions at its own company, it also offers the chance to become LEED certified and make yourself a more attractive job candidate in the construction industry. Check out the chapter nearest you.

International society of sustainability professionals

Our Mission: Empowering professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities around the globe.

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the world's leading professional association of sustainability professionals. We work to make sustainability standard practice through empowering professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities around the globe. As a professional association, ISSP improves the skills of sustainability practitioners through ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification, education, knowledge sharing, research, and professional credentials.

Visit their Career Center and check out the list of open-access job resources located there.




Recruitment for a safe, sustainable future. We connect innovative organisations and talented people in sustainability, health & safety, corporate responsibility and energy. 

Acre’s experienced recruitment executives, passionate sustainability and safety experts and talented researchers are committed to our core values of innovation, collaboration and integrity. 

Green job search engine and community. Check out their job board found here

Additional Job Boards

Weinreb Group - CSR Jobs and Sustainability Job Listing Sites 

Shannon Houde - Triple Pundit and Walk of Life Careers 

Green Job Board (some outdated) - Directory 

Chicago & Illinois-specific Links

The Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) was passed in late 2016. It is a milestone piece of legislation for the state and positions Illinois to be a regional and national leader in the renewable energy space. 


Chicagoland Environmental Network

CEN is a resource for anyone interested in nature or conservation-related activities in northeastern Illinois and surrounding areas. CEN organizations are involved in important work, including habitat restoration; wetland, prairie, and watershed projects; urban gardening; energy conservation; composting, wildlife conservation; and recycling. 

Illinois Solar Energy Association

The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the widespread application of solar and other forms of renewable energy through our mission of education and advocacy. ISEA is the state resource for renewable energy related policy  developments, educational classes, events and access to local renewable energy businesses..



Chicago green jobs

This is a listing of resources to assist Chicago job seekers who are looking for jobs or careers that focus on social or environmental responsibility. 

You can also check out the Illinois Green Jobs page, for all you non-Chicagoans out there. 

Environmental Law and policy center

The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) is headquartered in downtown Chicago, with staff across many Midwestern states. Our multi-disciplinary staff consists of public interest attorneys, policy analysts, MBAs, communications specialists, grassroots organizers, and support staff. 



Environmental Chicago - Industry Nights

Join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups for updates on recurring Industry Nights that are hosted on the last Monday of the month at Pint in Wicker Park.

Environmental Chicago was created to provide a space where every facet of the regional environmental industry can come together for collaboration, inspiration and support as we fight the good fight.