Climate change is an extremely complicated subject. There are many ways to measure it, but pretty much all statistically measurable data points to the same conclusions. 


1) Climate change is undeniably real - Scientists are as sure in their consensus on climate change as they are on the link between smoking and cancer

2) Not only is Earth's rising temperature going to have extremely devastating effects in the not too distant future, but it is already negatively affecting billions of people's lives at this moment

3) The current rate of climate change is caused by human activity, in large part due to the increasing utilization of fossil fuels since the 19th century. 


Below is a chart that was created by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication which designates six groups into which all Americans fall on the continuum of belief in climate change. If you fall in the 9% of people who are "Dismissive" of the topic, then maybe this website won't be helpful to you because you won't trust the sources or want to change your mind. Similarly, if you count yourself among the 18% within the "Alarmed" group, it is likely that you have already undergone your own research and are already taking steps to divest yourself from fossil fuels as best you can. That still leaves at least 73% of the population that could greatly benefit from simply being open to learning about these subjects and potentially shifting left on this scale. 


The arguments against acknowledging that climate change is real, has negative impacts on humanity, and is being caused by human activity are not based on science or even a general understanding of what is considered a fact. They are based on misinformation about the costs & benefits associated with shifting to a green economy, as well as fossil fuel companies fighting very hard to keep the status quo because their current energy model allows for these companies to make obscene profits. In essence, they are privatizing profits and socializing the environmental cost


For one moment, let us set aside the "uncertainty" about climate change & assume that the scientific community is correct that this climate progression could prove catastrophic for the human race. Earth itself will adapt to whatever humanity does to it, but many species (including homo sapiens) may not be able to weather the ramifications we've brought upon ourselves. If we truly are living in that scenario, how can we in good conscience not take appropriate steps to combat the problem of our warming planet? Leaving a better world for future generations is a non-partisan issue, and we cannot continue to mortgage that future due to our inability or unwillingness to see the writing on the wall and take action.